How To Prep a Packet:

February 2

This video shows... repeatedly... my method of removing sauce from condiment packets. After this, I simply rinse out the inside under a faucet, then let it dry. Done this way, you could submit over a dozen condiment packets in a standard envelope, at the cheapest possible rate. *hint hint* The process is pretty simple. Email me at if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,
Pixy Stoneskipper

New Submissions From Afar!

January 18

Today I am adding three new packets: Two are from Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, and the third is from Nova Scotia.

I can't thank Thryza and Kyle enough for taking the time to mail me these wonderful packets! Your official Condiment Packet Gallery contributor pins are on the way!

Speaking of pins:

If you have submitted a condiment packet, but you did not get a pin, please tell me! Sometimes mail is lost, or sauce obscures the address. I have a new batch of pins, and I want to make sure that everybody who deserves one gets one. Email me at - I'll make sure you get one!

Best Wishes,
Pixy Stoneskipper

Update: 268 Vintage Condiment Packets Added!

January 10

Eleven years ago, I acquired a red three-ring binder literally overflowing with condiment packets. They had been part of a prized collection. The elderly woman who had been filling the binder dilligently for over 30 years had recently passed away. I was honored to take ownership of this great work.

It is my great pleasure to announce that the contents of that Red Binder are now available for your viewing enjoyment!

A baton has been passed. With great care and dilligence, I have done everything in my power to respect and protect these important historical artifacts. The Red Binder condiment packets have found a happy home in this gallery.

Pixy Stoneskipper

the Condiment Packet Gallery is BACK!

January 2

Today I posted 105 new packets. These packets were sent to me from all over the world. After more than a decade, I have finally added these submissions to the gallery.

The Future of the Condiment Packet Gallery:

Higher resolution images: Large-size images are now 1200px; Thumbnails will increase slightly to 96px. I am spending more time and care processing the images, and the results are mesmerizing!

New features: I will be sharing some of the wonderful submission letters which I receive. Fans of this website have been supportive and kind, and I want to thank everybody for their contributions to this project!

Publicity: I am ready to make a focused effort to promote the CPG by no longer declining interview requests. I will seek opportunities to spread the word that I am looking for new condiment packets.

Best Wishes,
Pixy Stoneskipper