Contact Me!

I am always happy to hear from CPG admirers. If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to condimentpacket AT gmail DOT com

If you would like to send a packet that is not in the gallery, please visit the submissions help page.

If you want to send something or communicate by mail, I can be reached here:

The Condiment Packet Gallery
114 Meadow View Lane
Kennett Square, PA

Donations of food and drink are welcome. Gifts and well-wishes will never be refused!

Interview Requests:

In the past, I have been famously unavailable for interviews and TV appearances. I am making an effort to reverse what must seem like recalcitrance, and begin to acquiesce more freely to media requests. I will try to answer my phone. If you were unsuccessful trying to reach me in the past, please try again. I am now available for comment.