Rules, Rules, Rules!

With so many ways to package sauce, it is important to set some guidelines when you decide to start a collection. I made these decisions at the very beginning to give my collection a certain uniform appearance. The following rules make the collection more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to maintain.

1. Only squeezable "tear-off-the-corner" style packets are included. (Dipping tubs, creamers, and butter tubs cannot be preserved to my liking, and are easily crushed or spilled.)

2. No spices, salts, sugars, or other "dry" accountremon; generally found in paper packaging. There are far too many different sugar packets, and many other collectors are focusing their efforts on them. It is my belief that including such items harms the fundamental nature of this collection. We do sauce packets.

3. Minor design variations absolutely count as new unique packets.