Help Me Feed Myself & Others

If you like this website, please consider donating money.

Asking for money makes me feel conflicted. When 1 in 9 people in the world do not have enough food*, why should anybody give money to me? I can't even remember the last day I didn't eat. As humans, we need to help each other. We cannot rely on fickle public policy. We can only rely on ourselves, and I hope it is in our fundamental human nature to help each other.

I care deeply about the suffering of other human beings. Meanwhile, my contributions to the greater good have been negligible. I'd like to do something now.

Does the world really need a condiment packet archivist?

I am no stranger to the existential crisis. I spent my 20s living in a van; trying to find a comfortable perch on the earth's surface. Alas, questions beget questions, and still I am left with little more than sand on my hands: belongings; heartbeats.

Let me know with a donation that you value artistic expression, whimsy, or high resolution condiment packet images from around the world. In turn, I will donate 50% of all CPG earnings to fighting world hunger.

The issues of the mind and world are not zero-sum. By this, I mean that support of the arts does not directly promote hunger. Since I still feel uneasy accepting the donations that this project desperately needs*, I am sticking to the 50/50 rule: At least one out of every two dollars will feed somebody.

If you donate $2, I will use the first one to feed this project, and the other one for our countless hungry sisters and brothers. I am a frugal man who can stretch a dollar - so you should never feel like anything less than the full weight of your donation is being used and appreciated for good.

Best Wishes,
Chris Harne


*2 "Need" is a stong word. For the project to "flourish," however, I need a lot of time. I value my time at $10/hr if I am doing something I love. (15hrs per week)x(52wks per year)=($7,800). Out of pocket, I pay for all the CPG contributor pins, and all of the shipping costs to send each pin anywhere in the world. The physical in-person condiment packet collection needs better archival storage. Bottom line, I'd like to spend more time working on this project, but I need an operating budget that doesn't cut directly into my pocket money. With a modest budget, great things will happen!