T-Shirts... Coming Soon?

One of the benefits of the new high resolution condiment packet images is that some of the designs can be manipulated to create excellent screen printed t-shirts!

Those don't exist yet, but I'm working on a few designs.

Q: Why have Condiment Packet Gallery t-shirts never existed?

A: Money. I am operating out of pocket. I am not particularly skilled at making money, and I've never been especially motivated to do so. I've always gotten by, but there has never been anything close to extra money for a t-shirt order or any other non-essential frivolities.

Q: What can we do about this?

A: If you feel a kinship with the Condiment Packet Gallery, and you have money left over after groceries, then consider making a donation to expand and develop this project.

I am developing some screen-print-friendly images now. I am taking time off from my current job as a self-employed book dealer, and I'm afraid that financial demands will soon compel me to spend most of my days trying to generate a sustainable income. Such is life, and while I don't wish to complain about this, the fact remains that making a living is detrimental to this project which gives me such joy.

Keep checking back! I am keeping a store link on the main menu, because I am focused on bringing CPG merchandise to market.