New Packets Wanted!

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who has submitted packets. These submissions have reshaped the scope and nature of the Condiment Packet Gallery in the most positive way. It is only with your help that this project has been able to grow beyond one person's collection to become a shared global archive of condiment packet images.

If you have packets that are not displayed on these pages, then please do not hesitate to send them! When the packets arrive, I will clean them and add high resolution images to the gallery.

Every contributor will receive a Condiment Packet Gallery pin. (These pins are only available to those who submit a packet!)

Submission Guidelines:

You do not need to remove sauce before sending a packet. In fact, I enjoy the process of preparing the packets, and would prefer to perform this personally. When sending full condiment packets through the mail, some protection is recommended. Full packets sent in a standard envelope are likely to burst or become lost in the mail. The postal service uses automated equipment to sort standard-size envelopes, and it has come to my attention that this equipment is not friendly to condiment packets. (As much as I love the image of bursting packets spraying sauces all over official equipment, I suppose I would prefer the packets intact!)

Padded envelopes have a much better success rate, and the increased cost of postage is usually negligable. For even greater protection, you can place the packets in a plastic bag, and sandwich them between pieces of cardboard.

A small box provides the best protection. When you want to be certain, this is how. A plastic bag of packets, contained within a small box and padded with newspaper has never once failed.

If you must remove the sauce, please use a sharp blade or razor knife to make an incision along one of the shorter seams on the back of the packet. You can rinse the inside by holding the packet open under a faucet. I use hot water and a dab of soap. Once dry, the packets weigh almost nothing, and can be safely flattened.

These are only guidelines. Use your best judgement, and remember that I will always be grateful for new submissions!