New Additions

December 4, 2023

It's holiday season, hoping for snow this year! Let the landscape be as white as the creamy mayos showcased this week. I'm still amazed by the offering by Subway, seems like such an oddity for a place that prepares the sandwich to order.

New Additions

November 27, 2023

I'm very close on the Saucemerica packet snow. I need just one more (Louisiana). I'll keep my eyes peeled, but if you happen to come across one and would like to donate it to the collection, please reach out! And as always, you can see the full Saucemerica collection over on the Saucemerica map.

New Additions

November 13, 2023

Some truly generic packets from the UK. I could not find any information on the make or model of these. It's a little frustrating when trying to catalog, but I really do love these generic packets, that's the heart of the collection.

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